Parksville WeeMedical back in business

WeeMedical, located on Hirst Avenue, reopened March 25

Despite having no business licence, Parksville’s WeeMedical Wellness Society is up and running again.

May Joan Lui, one of the society’s directors, said while there is no business licence, the shop has reopened in light of the support from the community itself and the surrounding areas.

“With the announcement of pending (federal marijuana) legalization in July 1, 2018, it makes sense for the society to continue providing safe access to medical marijuana patients ‘til then and hopefully beyond,” Lui said in an emailed statement.

David Templeman, a French Creek resident who’s volunteering at the store, said WeeMedical re-opened last Saturday (March 25). Templeman said there were apparently some bylaw officers outside in a truck, but they didn’t actually come in the store.

In its six days since re-opening, Templeman said, there have been more than 60 customers through the doors, adding that people were saying they’re glad to see it back open.

The pot shop was shut down March 15 after being raided by the Oceanside RCMP and closed by the City of Parksville.

One 25-year-old woman was arrested and released on promise to appear in court on charges of trafficking and possession with intent to traffic, RCMP said.

A quantity of items containing marijuana or THC, the active drug in marijuana plants, was seized along with a small amount of cash.

Templeman said he is slightly concerned about being arrested by the RCMP since it’s “definitely a possibility.”

“If it does come to that point, I’ve already sort of made that commitment to be here for that if that was to happen,” Templeman said.

If it does get shut down again, Templeman said it’s almost like a last-ditch effort for people who have a bias against medicinal marijuana for no good reason whatsoever.

“Maybe they’re just disconnected from what’s happening here because it’s not like we’re selling it to a bunch of 18-year-olds. A high percentage — about 70 per cent — of our clients are 50 years and older,” Templeman said.